THIS JUST IN! – Abbott – Boom Studios

Title : Abbott

Publisher  : Boom Studios

Writer : Saladin Ahmed

Illustrator : Sami Kivela
Thoughts on Cover
The art work contained on the cover is super clean, and really well designed. I love the style showing our main character, her clearly take no sh*t attitude, and the demonic world she seems to be fighting against, well that’s what I got from it anyways. The way they trail the smoke from her mouth to almost create the title was another small piece of genius, and overall I actually love this complete idea.
I can’t actually think of anything I would change about this one.
Abbott, a female black reporter during one of the most restless times in America’s history, early 1970’s Detroit, is one of the only people who seems to be fighting against the powers that be. Her reputation has grown even bigger than her, and she is on site to a brutal murder of a police officer (a horse) as her superiors feel this is the proper punishment for someone standing up for the wrongful treatment of black people in Detroit during that time.
Some in the force see her for the person she really is, just being someone standing up for the little guy. People like Murray (Crime scene photographer) and Wardell (The son of a local restaurant owner, and lover of his black Lois Lane, as he calls her) support the work she does, and understand how necessary it is to the people of Detroit.
Her boss also tries to support her, but the men in charge are honestly your classic style of racist jerks. Ah America, you done yourselves real good in this one.
Our story quickly evolves from a brutal horse slaying, some miss handled cases against the black population, and a single woman spearheading the charge for change, into a much darker and mysterious path.
What comes next is much worse, and there aren’t many who have the stomach to stand up to the worst that the darkness has to offer, but Elena Abbott has to try.
What I Liked
I appreciate them creating a piece that sticks fairly closely to the timeline it is set in. The writing feels authentic, and the art style matches that 1970’s feel, while not going completely retro in style. I appreciate the subtle nature of our hero, and the fact that we aren’t dealing with the supernatural in the normal way we are so used to seeing in comics. This story has a slow build, and it still feels like a dramatically fast pace.
What I Didn’t Like
My biggest qualms is the unrealistic style of interaction between our main character and those she has basically been trying to “out”. She is still the go to for some detectives, and is relatively liked by most of the police force we meet, except solely the meathead style detectives. This to me just feels a little campy, as they are your classic jock turned cop who hates the world.
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