THIS JUST IN! – Breathless – Black Mask

Title : Breathless

Publisher  : Black Mask

Writer : Pat Shand

Illustrator : Renzo Rodriguez
Thoughts on Cover
The cover doesn’t say much, which actually says a lot more than most lately. A seemingly innocent picture of a puffer for asthma, and a pool of blood surrounding it. Simple outlines of the names, title, and the rest of the important information. Honestly there is no big secret or outstanding piece of this cover, but the simplistic style just feels comfortable.
The immaculate artwork, with the precise pieces contained on the page, really make this piece stick out. I am very happy to own such a piece of art, even if it is a cover of a book I enjoyed.
Scout Turner is a scientist who seems to work on the bodies of those creatures that we pretend don’t exist. Working for an underground agency dedicated to preventing the things that go bump in the night, she is dedicated to solving the issues that plague humanity on a daily basis, but what happens when one of those issues somehow has the power to cure you? No matter the cost some may be more than willing to pay it, but the price can add up to more than we can afford.
Scout has Asthma, and during an attack, she accidentally punctures the lungs of a large creature, who was captured earlier in the story. The resulting toxin that shoots all over her face, seems to make her life a smidge easier, by seemingly clearing up her asthma in a matter of minutes, but the cost it takes to do so is astronomical.
The cost isn’t directly associated to her, as much as the responsibility of those around her, based on the revelation of the issues around them. Some of the characters, such as really not intelligent people who post secrets on twitter, even though they work for a secretive organization that wants to remain, you know, secretive.
What I Liked
I love the art style, love the monsters that they;’ve created, and the overall plot, while being a bit much at times, is actually fun to read. I am a bit confused about pieces at the end of the first issue, but that means I am interested enough to keep reading.
The writing on this title is enjoyable, with the ability to take itself seriously, and make fun of itself all at once. I appreciate an author who knows how to create extremely likeable characters, and characters you can’t help but hate.
What I Didn’t Like
The only thing I feel I would change is the choice to change color palettes so dramatically all through the comic. I don’t feel it was warranted in most cases, and did throw me off from the difference between flashbacks, flash forwards, and all around current pieces of the puzzle.
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