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Hey all,
I’m excited to tell you all that starting today, we will be hosting Bi-weekly brawl events at Comic Hunter on Tuesdays.  For those of you familiar with Brawl, I hope to see all of you there to have some laughs and throw standard legal cards at each other.

For everyone not familiar with Brawl, here is a link to the mothership article describing it, but in short,
1) pick a legendary creature or planeswalker that is legal in standard
2) Add 59 more single copies of cards to a deck that are legal in standard and also fall within that creature or planeswalker’s color identity (this means the coloured mana symbols that appear on the card) and lands (as many copies of basic lands as you’d like).
3) Come on down to Comic Hunter and jam some games for fun and prizes

Brawl is very similar to Commander, it’s a more casual format, and likely to be a very fun and varied experience every time you play.  The variance of having only singletons in your deck make your games unpredictable, and the themes being built around spicy.
If you are the type of player who has tried to play commander and ran into the unfortunate situation of playing against someone who has been collecting for years, with a mass of powerful (or outright broken) cards, it can still sometimes feel a bit one sided and not so “casual”.  Brawl addresses this by only allowing standard legal cards, so the reduced card pool means you are much more likely to build a fairly competitive deck even if all you ever do is open the occasional box or packs of standard cards.

I play magic with my good friend Charles whenever I get the chance (living in a different city makes it hard sometimes), Charles plays magic casually with our mutual friends, and when he heard about Brawl, he fell in love with the fact he wouldn’t need to chase down a play set of mythic and rare cards, or need to adjust to a constantly changing meta game.  With Brawl, he can just throw what he had into a deck and try to make it fun and flavorful, doing the same yourself might surprise you with the results.
Here is an example of the deck he built to play casually with our friend Dan using nothing but cards opened in current standard.  He hilariously calls this deck “Brass Brawls”

Brass Brawls – Charles Hammel

1x Admiral Beckett Brass
1x Negate
1x Dire Fleet Hoarder
1x Deadeye Rig-Hauler
1x Mutiny
1x Storm Fleet Swashbuckler
1x Shipwreck Looter
1x Pirates Pillage
1x Storm Fleet Spy
1x Impale
1x Sailor of Means
1x Shatter
1x Tomb Robber
1x Wily Goblin
1x Dire Fleet Poisoner
1x Fanatical Firebrand
1x Desperate Castaways
1x Dead Man’s Chest
1x Goblin Trailblazer
1x Cancel
1x Daring Buccaneer
1x Buccaneers Bravado
1x Deadeye Tormentor
1x Brazen Freebooter
1x March of the Drowned
1x Storm Fleet Pyromancer
1x Claim // Fame
1x Storm Fleet Aerialist
1x Costly Plunder
1x Angarths Marauders
1x Siren Reaver
1x Protean Raider
1x Kari Zev
1x Kitesail Corsair
1x Kitesail Freebooter
1x Pirates Cutlass
1x Grasping Scoundrel
1x Swaggering Corsair
22 x Land (Islands, Mountains, Swamps, and a few non-basics like Evolving Wilds)

Admiral Beckett Brass
Beckett Brass is a SUPER fun commander for Brawl.  Imagine digging through all those standard cards, looking at all the amazing pirates and just saying to yourself “If I jam them all together, I’ll bet it would be pretty good!” Beckett Brass gives you a re-castable way to pump all your pirates, and once you’ve developed a big board…. you start stealing your opponents things!  I mean…  come on… the flavour is overwhelming.

The best thing about Magic the Gathering is it’s ability to be piles of fun for everyone.  If you want to teach your son or daughter about Math, Tactics, Planning, and much more, Magic is an amazing gateway.  At the same time if you want to bring together world champions and give them a chance to test their skills against the greatest players in the world, Magic has you covered.  Brawl is just another example of the near limitless versatility Magic cards and it’s developers continue to demonstrate.

Magic is a game for everyone, and in a perfect world, everyone would take the opportunity to experience it through friends, family, or at a local game store on a Tuesday night.  I truly hope that Brawl is a starting point for someone out there who thinks the idea of battling Pirates versus Dinosaurs, versus Wizards, Vampires, Plants, and who knows what else, is too awesome to walk away from, and decides to have a seat at the table.  If you do, and you don’t have a deck, you’re welcome to use mine, I’m pretty sure you’ll soon discover the fun in building a deck that matches your personality afterwards to be addictive.

Thanks for reading, and can’t wait to see you at the table!

Jeff Roberts

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