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Title : Ether : The Copper Golems

Publisher  : Dark Horse Comics

Writer : Matt Kindt

Illustrator :  David Rubin
Thoughts on Cover
The psychedelic styling of the cover for this title, was surprisingly well thought out., well laid out, and all around fun visual to see. An average roughneck looking human, sitting a top what appears to be a dinosaur turkey type of thing.
I could talk about this one a lot, because everytime you look again you notice another little detail here and there, but I just like the conceptual lay out.
Boone Dias was an agent for the government, who turned away from it all years ago. Living off the streets, stealing food to survive, and seeing the world from a new point of view, he sits in a cell after being caught for his vagrancy.
Approached by an agent to come back into the fold of protecting the very fabric of time and space, he seems to be regretting some of the decisions of his past. What they want, is for him to rejoin project Ether, and protect the majesty of the world in between from being torn apart.
The agency knows the right buttons to push, because the person they send to convince him to rejoin, is none other than his own daughter, which he was not aware of.
The main premise of this story follows along the line that when you are inside of the Ether, time passes quite differently. You will see hours becoming weeks, and days become months, so he missed most of the life of his own daughter and wife. Agent Dias sacrificed his life to protect ours, and yet they still need him to go back in.
Inside the Ether, there is all manner of creatures to protect the path in between, most of which know Boone very well, and most of which like him. Although they feel it has been no time at all since he last came to visit, in his world it has been years.
What I Liked
  • I love the storyline, and the concept of the in between. A lot of comics have tried similar things, but I feel this one managed to pull it off in a non confusing, and extremely interesting way. Also the writing really helped to bring it along.
  • The artwork is a damned masterpiece, and the style is very refreshing. Mix that art style with the colour scheme, and I feel it is one of the more original comics I have had the chance to review.
What I Didn’t Like
  • My only critique is really the way it jumps all over the place all the time. While it is not a huge bother to me, with my mind enjoying the chance to see several things within several panels, it does seem a bit quick paced for the newcomer to comics.
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