THIS JUST IN! – Seeds – Dark Horse Comics

Title : Seeds

Publisher  : Dark Horse Comics

Writer : Ann Nocenti

Illustrator : David Aja
Thoughts on Cover
Very minimalistic, generalized cover. Not a lot of information or feeling gathered from it, and honestly one of the first covers I can comfortably say did not catch my eye at all. I felt that it worried me a little for the internal art, and knowing the works of David Aja with Immortal Iron Fist and Hawkeye, I was a little confused in the choice.
Once I actually cracked the book open, I began to appreciate the nuance of the minimalist cover, because the book itself told a rich story using a minimalistic art style all throughout.
The story seems to focus on two main protagonists, and a mish mash of secondary characters. Astra, an up and coming journalist, who wants to delve into the mystery behind “the wall” is brash, takes risks, and doesn’t care about the red tape that surrounds the truth. She has her own ways to deal with the demons that keep people up at night, but in a world where half of the population is living with technology that far outweighs their lack of most necessities, and the other half live in a wasteland that basically has nothing but destruction and radiation, Astra still refuses to let the curiosity of “what if” go.
Rush, is hard to explain without giving away major spoilers to the story. He is equally as curious as Astra, and almost equally as able at second guessing the decisions made by those above. He seems to love living life in between, but also seems to be having trouble following the orders of his superior, especially when it will endanger Lola, a freak in the sheets, and a self proclaimed bitch out of them. From the first issue, I have gathered that the strongest bond in this series will be between Astra and Rush, and which of them can find the best reasons to expose or sheild the other.
The story is a semi-post-apocalyptic one, in which we are given a world where the technology, and self destruction of our own basi greed, has all but wiped out most of what once was.
An interesting read, I want so much more!
What I Liked
  • The art style was reminiscent of the old time drama/spy comics in the 50’s and 60’s. Very minimal, simple, but gushing with hidden meaning, and small detail which melds well with the story.
  • I love the character choice, with a rich and diverse cast, but not feeling like any of them are only there because they need the diversity. I was extremely pleased in seeing a complete mixture of race, sex, and even disabilities being shown. Not enough diversity in the industry most times.
What I Didn’t Like
  • My only real issue was the cover may be enough for some to shy away. Nothing about the cover made me want to open the book, and to be honest I am absolutely glad I did. I know the theme they were going for, but on a personal level, I would have gone a different way.
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