THIS JUST IN! – Leviathan – Image Comics

Title : Leviathan

Publisher  : Image Comics

Writer : John Layman

Illustrator : Nick Pitarra
Thoughts on Cover
I was drawn in by the cartoonistic style, with the flashy (almost creepy happy) looking Dragon. Add the amazing myriad of colour, the splash of hope in the middle, and the impending doom all throughout the background, and I was hooked. I felt very drawn in through the colour itself, even before seeing the image.
Then I noticed some of the details throughout the frame. The disgustingly creepy insect like fingers growing out of the normal(ish) fingers, the mixture of a fantasy style dragon, with a Godzilla looking demeanor, and most of all, the fact that a giant creature of that kind could sneak up on a couple as they got their freak on, just added up to either an amazingly funny story of death and dismemberment, or some sort of heroic journey. Either way, I needed this to be good.
Our story revolves around our main character Ryan, his girl Vivian, and those interlopers at his party (like Goth Jimmy). Ryan heads to the store to pick up more booze, as his wonderful party goers (dripping in sarcasm here) decided to drink through everything he had, and wanted him to keep the supply going. While he marched from closed store to closed store, Goth Jimmy has an amazing idea which would be fun for the other party guests while they wait.
Let’s summon the equivalent of Godzilla, just to see what sort of fun it would be. Yeah, that seems like the kind of person every party needs, especially when it works and starts tearing apart of the entire city looking as it seems, specifically for those who were there when it was summoned.
Flame showers, large dragon lizard body, and the ability to literally hone in one whatever it wants to? I was impressed that the entire country didn’t just lay down and take it all in while being dramatically killed in a fashion only fit for the Godzilla franchise.
To be fair, the only character in the start of this thing who reacted like an actual human being, was the token black kid Johnny, who made his way AWAY from the monster, not trying to be some sort of hero to his friends, and even admitted his reasoning. “Black guy ALWAYS dies first in the horror movie. Not this time. Good Luck.”
I got a good chuckle at that, as it showed that the tropes in this universe still exist as with ours.
What I Liked
  • I appreciated the story never took itself too seriously, and had a wonderful time creating a short series that seems to be dedicated to many deaths, crazy action, and a huge amount of pop culture humor and references.
What I Didn’t Like
  • My only complaint is that the creature is literally Godzilla with a couple small add-ons. I assume it is part of the many, many references to modern day pop culture, but I feel creating a slightly different creature would have worked better.
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