THIS JUST IN! – Outer Darkness – Image Comics

Title : Outer Darkness

Publisher  : Image Comics

Writer : John Layman

Illustrator : Afu Chan
Thoughts on Cover
While maintaining a small close knit feel, the cover did well at expressing to the eye of the reader that we were in for a cast of completely opposing characters, while travelling to the recesses of the galaxy.
I find the layout to be quite stellar, with the “mysterious creature” surrounding the character base seeming to be swallowing them into the belly of our story. The colors worked well, and the title popped too. If I had to get nit picky, I would only have changed the glaring green line work, as I feel it to be slightly overused since the Matrix days in a lot of mediums.
Overall, I enjoyed the look and feel of this cover.
We follow Riggs, an ex first officer who was let go for mutiny. Honestly it was for the good of the crew, but the downside to not being captain is that the reasoning doesn’t matter.
His only chance of escaping a cell, is to sign on with an old comrade he once had, controlling a ship of his own, but using it to go through some dark and harrowing times. He is offered the chance of a lifetime, but all he has to do is dedicate 9 months of space travel into a place no one else would dare go. Fair trade?
Apparently Riggs, and his partner Agwe seem to think so, or maybe they are really just chasing their own demons into the heart of whence they came. You’ll need to read to find out.
What I Liked
The story itself was a nice mixture of fantasy and science fiction, while being similar to most stories of the genre, they seemed to do all the same things in slightly better ways. The story started off with action, suspense, and a real reason for us to care for the characters, with no small introduction build up.
I absolutely appreciated the art style, and the way the “outer space” creatures and debris always seemed to be so much dirtier, and less pencilled in than everyone and everything else. It added to the feeling of the authenticity of the piece.
What I Didn’t Like
I tried so hard to come up with things I would have done differently, or things that could have seemed better with minor twerks to them, and honestly the only thing I had trouble with is that we have the standard “anti-hero” fighting for the good of others, always ending up on the wrong end of the law, but somehow still winning out over the rest of the comic book characters.
The type of origin story we started with does come off too cliche, but I still have questions, which I still want to see the answers for, so it will keep me coming back for now.
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