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Title : The Empty Man

Publisher  : BOOM! Studios

Writer : Cullen Bunn

Illustrator : Jesús Hervás
Thoughts on Cover
The one piece of every cover I am always adamant about, is the ability to get the reader intrigued to what lies within. Moreso, your ability to understand you have a mere flash of a chance that a reader will even notice your book on a shelf as they walk by.
The completely toned down style, catchy title, and demanding look from the placement of our cover character, were enough to draw attention from the other hundred comics around it.
Dive in a little deeper, spend time studying the cover, and reading the myriad of insanity around her, and you will know whether this is the right fit for you or not. No punches pulled to start the story, and I am impressed with the overall feel of this one.
This is a remake of a work originally done by Cullen Bunn, which follows a disease known as Empty Man, which induces complete insanity in anyone who happens to be infected with it. As with any major incident of the magnitude we see, the government is quarantining any infected, to try and solve the issue head on.
Our story will be following one of the infected Melissa, and her family as they do what is needed to prevent her from being taken away. They know what comes with being quarantined, and refuse to allow their daughter to give up on herself, even though she wouldnèt understand what that means.
What would you do for the ones you love, even if they believe the Empty Man made them want to kill you?
What I Liked
I really enjoyed the story of this title, giving a name and feel to what I would akin to a zombie like virus, but adding in the believability of knowing it is something that could really happen. I feel the struggle the characters portray feels authentic, and the dialogue doesn’t seem forced. When you read a comic that really seems to fit well on the writing side, it really allows you to engross yourself into the story itself.
I appreciate the ability to understand the concept, without feeling spoon fed by the story, and appreciate how the art work works well with the style of story we are being told. The darker parts really stand out with the design of the inside out’s and the demonic undertones of certain story pieces.
What I Didn’t Like
I do appreciate the art work working well with the style of story, but I was not a huge fan of the lack of design, lack of detail, and overall lack of dimension within the book itself. While I feel the darker parts really stood out and popped, the overall feel almost made it seem unfinished, or very rushed overall.
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