THIS JUST IN! – Death Orb – Dark Horse

Title : Death Orb

Publisher  : Dark Horse

Writer : Ryan Ferrier

Illustrator : Alejandro Aragon
Thoughts on Cover
This five part mini series starts us off with bright colors, post apocalyptic themes, and a clear cut showing of the intention it will be leaning towards. A giant building, built in the shape of a cross, standing tall in the barren wasteland.
Before I even flipped the first page, I could easily decipher that we were about to enter a world of cults, survival instincts, and brutal overtones of the violence mankind is truly capable of. The use of mostly neutral colors, save for the giant building, and the nuclear symbol on the back of Rider’s jacket, was also a good choice in my opinion, but I will say the only piece of the puzzle that missed the mark is the title.
I find it is not easily readable, and if I didn’t know the comic I was going in for, I most likely would have missed the title on the first, and probably second, walkthroughs.
Rider is one of the many wasteland survivors, but his tale is one filled with more trouble than most. Set out on a journey to find his missing family, the dangers this world brings to his path are done so by a myriad of different people who want him dead for a myriad of different reasons.
The majority of the death cult who leads North America, follows “Father” who gives them orders to root out anyone who is suspect of being a non believer, or especially those deemed outlaws, which of course Rider is.
Tough, a bit of wit, and a whole lot of ability to kick ass, Rider is the type of man who will do whatever it takes to reach his goal, no matter the body count that will fall behind him as he does. Honestly, it is one of my favorite parts of this title.
What I Liked
The dirty and incomplete art style seems to be a theme with most comics lately, but this is one of those situations where it worked and worked well. Adding to the post-apocalyptic feeling of this title, I was enthralled with the design of the characters, violence, and action scenes. Even though you throw us into a world for which there is little to eb seen, you still make it so every individual frame is completely new and most are exciting.
What I Didn’t Like
My only piece that I struggled with is how easily most seemed to be accepting of Rider throughout the story. A group of “mercenaries” or just outlaws, trust him with a few tears, a sad story, and his ability to say he is someone else. That was enough to untie him, re-arm him, and bring him to your secret base. This is not in the first issue, but just seems like it falls into the “everyone trusts a main character” foley.
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