THIS JUST IN! – Artifact One – Aspen Comics

Title : Artifact One

Publisher  : Aspen Comics

Writers : J.T. Krul & Vince Hernandez

Illustrator : Romina Moranelli
Thoughts on Cover
Regardless of which of the four covers you managed to get your hand on, they all showcase the same thing. Our titular character Remi, directly in the center of the frame, in absolutely stunning detail and color. That’s the one thing this cover nails, the light hearted color scheme of the comic, almost giving us hope just by showing off the vibrancy of the characters, but diving into the darker side with the background details on each cover.
Our main character Remi is a treasure hunter of sorts, focusing her talents and knowledge on discovering artifacts that will unravel the knowledge of her ancestors. On a world run by those who oppose differing views, curiosity and any inkling of different thinking, her abundant knowledge is seen as a weapon. One that could topple the regime in charge, with little bloodshed.
The problem with having the knowledge to overthrow a controlling power, is you have to live long enough to use it.
Her father Duwah, used his talents to bring life to those who needed it, and lessen the pain of those he couldn’t. To the clerics, this was heresy, and punishable by death. A most brutal form of death, meant to send a statement to anyone who bears witness, you must never defy the ways set out by those in power.
We don’t learn much about the regime who leads this city, but we learn enough to know that they are the types of “men” who take no prisoners, and don’t waste time asking questions.
What I Liked
  • I was pleasantly surprised with the amazing color scheme in this comic. Especially with such a dark undertone, I was absolutely stunned seeing how they brought death, despair, and gloom alive using mainly powerful bright color.
  • The writing of the story was absolutely captivating. Between the character development, the layout of the story, and the fast paced action throughout, I never felt like I was wanting to skip ahead, or getting bored of the events happening. I was captivated by each and every word.
  • I love the uniqueness of the story, and while it has inklings of many other stories that have been told along the way, it was put together in such a way that I felt like this was just a comfortable read.
What I Didn’t Like
  • My biggest faux pas about this comic is the main cliche they decided to rely the story upon. The dead father, brutally murdered in front of his daughter, causing her to go on an adventure of revenge, understanding themselves, and understanding why their loved one was killed in the first place. I didn’t feel the father needed to die to further the plot.
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