THIS JUST IN! – Teether – Antartic Press

Title : Teether (4 part Mini-Series)

Publisher  : Antartic Press

Writer : David Hutchison (Furry Tails, Steam Wars Bounty Hunters)

Illustrator : David Hutchison (Furry Tails, Gargoyles)
Thoughts on Cover
I have few words to describe the absolutely terrifying design of this one, especially since sitting on a shelf it stands out immensely, and should most likely be kept near the top, away from the eyes of kids.
I could easily read the situation, I knew what I was getting myself into, and I knew this comic would be one I would need to read in the dark, alone, hopefully not crying my eyes out.
The layout worked well, the artwork is immaculate, and more than anything I was impressed with the captivity of it.
In Carol Hill, Indiana, a group of youngsters decide they need to summon the darker powers of the underworld, in finding the legendary Demon in the woods. Things seem to go as planned, well the summoning anyways, but they seem to forget that Demons don’t answer to mortals, they are attracted to the innocence they can syphon from them.
Their friend Lilly  has her head eaten by the beast, and her body is found by local law enforcement the next morning. This is where things really begin.
Lilly shows up at school the next day, somehow, and begins meticulously taking revenge on her “friends” who seem to think going back to visit the Demon a second time is an amazingly good idea.
Ah Teenagers…
As the story progresses we learn a lot about the Demon, the dynamic among the children, and what keeps them motivated towards finding an answer.
What I Liked
  • The dark tones work amazingly well. From the stylistic artwork to the amazingly detailed Cthuluesque language used throughout, I did feel the story carried itself quite well. I was impressed with Hutchison’s ability to keep my mind entrapped in what was happening, and more than that, what was to come.
What I Didn’t Like
  • I was a bit upset with the mindset of the young troupe who just lost a friend one night, but seemed ready to go back and face the Demon again the next. It felt forced, and was rather upsetting that the need to treat the story as one that needed the push to move forward.
Final Thoughts
I was quite impressed overall, and find that most horror fans would really enjoy the mind twists in this one. A good look on Demonology, and the bond that can form between a Demon and it’s prey. I feel it was very intriguing of a read, captivated the attention of the reader, and will keep you wanting to see the outstanding artwork on every following page.
Overall, I would say that you need to take a look at this one in the near future, especially since it is a Mini-Series, you can hop in without a massive hit to the wallet.
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