THIS JUST IN! – Bitter Root – Image Comics

Title : Bitter Root

Publisher  : Image Comics

Writers : Chuck Brown & David F Walker

Illustrator : Sanford Greene
Thoughts on Cover
All sorts of supernatural fun contained on the cover of one action packed looking title. Image comics usually seems to nail Cover design with most of the teams they deal with, and this time was no different. The title itself was a little distorted, but overall the layout was readable, eye catching, and more than anything, just super fun to see.
Showcasing a myriad of monsters, some we know of, and some we have never seen quite the same way before, which added to the mystery of what we would be seeing within the pages.
We follow the Sangerye family as they fight the things that go bump in the night trying to save as many human souls as they can. When a human is consumed by too much hate, and diseased by The Demon, they will become something known as a Jinoo, which is a Demon like creature all on its own. The Sangerye family is well known as hunters, but they are not striving to kill the Jinoo, they instead work as a team to try and cure the disease given to them, and release the newly refreshed people back into the world, as if they were never gone.
The issue is things always seem to be getting bigger, badder, and a lot more dangerous, which calls into question the methods they are using and how effective they could possibly be.
The other big issue is that the world around them, for the most part, does not know anything about what is happening, and causes more trouble by just being out of the loop than they would help if brought into it.
What I Liked
  • I’ve always been a fan of the supernatural, and I am absolutely in love with the idea of a family of hunters who do not want to kill the thing they are hunting, but instead want to help the person get back to who they once were. It adds such an additional element of humanity to the story without actually needing to add anything completely outside of the norm for supernatural comics.
What I Didn’t Like
  • My only complaint is how rushed it seemed. We were introduced to so many main characters, multiple villains, some sort of anti-hero I assume, all in 22 pages.
Final Thoughts
This is a must have for any fans of the supernatural, or darker toned comics with extremely well rounded characters, a good personality array among all the players contained within, and will be a refreshing change from your average monster comic. I think the most amazing thing they’ve done right with this comic is adding in something very rarely ever used with the ability to heal the infected, and actually showing the process and results they use so readers will always know how things happen within the pages.
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