THIS JUST IN! – God of War – Dark Horse Comics

Title : God of War (Miniseries, only 4 issues long)

Publisher  : Dark Horse Comics

Writer : Chris Roberson

Illustrator : Tony Parker
Thoughts on Cover – Artist E.M. Gist
When you picture God of War, we all see the video game creation that ravaged its way through our hearts, minds, and depending on how old you were when you played it, sometimes our fantasies. The cover unleashes the exact images we have of Kratos, just going completely balls to the wall on a massive beast, adding a range of emotions to begin this title.
I appreciate the very smooth, almost clay like feel to the cover, and the struggle being shown by our main protagonist, so we understand he will not always be safe.
Kratos is not yet the God we have all come to love and fear, but instead is a mortal who is afraid of the rage within, and does his very best to control it. Sometimes it works, mostly going into the wilderness and trying to see how long it will take for the rage to eat him up inside and spill out.
Facing all kinds of perils, creatures, and something I am not willing to reveal due to spoilers, I can comfortably say this time his test failed, and it leads to an amazingly interesting series of events. One that may change the way Kratos looks at himself, but one that will definitely change the way his son looks at him.
What I Liked
  • The comic felt authentic to the games, giving us the true Kratos feel from it, which gave me the hope that the series will continue to do the same. A lot of comics based on video games strive to meet their mark, but rely on brand new things to take over where the games left off. This title just uses the amazing pieces they already have, but make them slightly better.
  • The artwork is what I was hoping it would be, dirty enough to pass over slight mistakes, and laid out in a way that works well for this type of fantasy title.
What I Didn’t Like
  • My only real issue with this comic starting the way it did is that it didn’t even seem to attempt to appeal to newer fans, but mainly relied on the notoriety of the existing character to carry the brunt of the story. Newer readers may not even understand what is happening for most of the issue.
Final Thoughts
If you are a fan of the God of War franchise, then you want this mini-series to add to your collection. If you like action comics, norse mythology, or just want something a bit more reliable, with a large team behind it, this comic will still work in your favor especially since it is such a short run.
I would not advise going into this one blind though, it supplements the game quite well, giving us a different look into the characters.
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