THIS JUST IN! – Road of the Dead : Highway to Hell – IDW

Title : Road of the Dead : Highway to Hell
Publisher  : IDW

Writer : Jonathan Maberry

Illustrator : Drew Moss
Thoughts on Cover
Gruesome, violent, bloody, and a whole lotta crazy! This cover really showcases the style, the art, and the overall feel and theme of this title. We see two conflicting characters, one who seems to be enjoying the zombie apocalypse, and the second who seems a little terrified of the first. Black and white, both in attitude and color, it is a comic that I think will play a lot on the dualities of mankind.
This is a lot of information gained from just a cover, and honestly made me believe I knew some of what was to come.
Boy I was wrong.
Steve Hanson was a member of the military who was responsible for trying to wipe out the zombies, and protect his fellow army members, which he fails immediately into the comic. Nothing super interesting about it other than he was literally taking a shit, and while doing so his entire troop was wiped out.
Through a series of near random events, he is introduced to Shawn, our second protagonist, and the people he is escorting to Canada. That is correct, apparently these people are looking to bring a cure to the world, but in order to do so Canada must be their safe house.
We all know Canada is definitely the place to survive the end of the world, but what would make our adventurers choose such an out of the way location from their original one? A secret military base on Wolfe Island, preventing those pesky undeads from gaining access to it, but also making it quite the journey for our troop as well.
What I Liked
  • The writing was a good change from the usual end of the world zombie scenario. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, but still has the grit we tend to enjoy for this style of comic. The overall story was a bit of hit and miss.
  • The art style is something I am now getting used to seeing in most grit style comics, especially in more recent times. Dirty, no polish, and fits in bringing the dirty world out to us.
What I Didn’t Like
  • The story took a hard turn quite a few times to Walking Dead style writing, and I really struggled to understand how it seemed so familiar, but I guess it is difficult to come up with an original way to begin a new comic arc.
Final Thoughts 
I do still support this one, and I enjoyed it enough to continue with it in the future. The overall premise I enjoy, and I really enjoy having Shawn as a main character as he adds snark, attitude, and an overall kick ass attitude.
I look forward to seeing if they move away from other comics in the genre, or try to do something similar only in a better way.

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