THIS JUST IN! – Middlewest – Image Comics

Title : Middlewest

Publisher  : Image Comics

Writer : Skottie Young

Illustrator : Jorge Corona
Thoughts on Cover
The colors are vibrant, the design is fairly simple, but it does well in catching the eye. The yellow in the demons eyes pops very well, the pink in the heart and I.V. do the same, which definitely gives some hints to the importance of these key pieces.
My only suggestion on this one is that the title being blended into the clouds and monsters colors it does come off slightly unreadable. Yes you can make it out, but it may miss the initial eye looking for it.
Abel is a kid who seems to have it rough. Growing up with a single father, who comes off completely demanding, and to very honest, a complete prick, he still manages to try and find the good in the world. Be it with his close friends, his talking fox pet, or just keeping himself busy with his paper route, he always seems to find an adventure along the way.
After starting a day off worse than most in his life, everything about his story changes. Darkness begins to take over, and after several poor choices, the brewing storm finally comes to a head, revealing a few things that I think tell a lot about how this series is going to go. Without spoiling too much about the story, I will say that Abel is on a one way track to growing up way too fast.
What I Liked
  • I am fairly comfortable I know where this story is going, and how it is going to get there, but for once I am very okay with that. The writing, the artwork, and the way they are telling the tale fit perfectly together, and as someone who has seen this type of tale first hand, it hit all the right emotions at all the right times.
  • Taking a story that can be seen as one of Humanity’s truly evil sides, but giving it some hints of hope, mystery, and a whole lot of emotional turns throughout is a difficult job. I feel that most will appreciate the writer is able to showcase such a subject, but make it happen in an understandable way.
What I Didn’t Like
  • I’ve got nothing other than the father being so much worse than a villain. It is a compliment for me to hate a character so much, so quickly.
Final Thoughts
This comic should be in every file, on every bookshelf, and in every heart. This is a truly courageous comic to do because it is done in such a thoughtful and non-provoking way. Most times when an author tries to tell this story it is always so dark, so relentless, and leaves the reader with little to no hope save the gunman, or murderer who comes to the rescue. This time, I felt hope from the first page, and it only grew as the pages went by.
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