THIS JUST IN! – The Warning – Image Comics

Title : The Warning

Publisher  : Image Comics

Writer : Edward Laroche

Illustrator : Edward Laroche
Thoughts on Cover
I am a big fan of the monochromatic style of this one, showcasing such simple colors, but telling so many things. I’ve also been a fan of wraparound covers for many years, knowing that it is very difficult to match up a cover that will catch the eye from start to finish. I don’t feel this cover gives away much, but I do feel I understand the type of story I’m going to be getting into.
The title and issue number are plain, nothing really put into it, and my only main complaint with the cover is if you aren’t on the front shelf, I wouldn’t even know the name of it. I do, however, enjoy the way the image seems to come out at you with a very 3D feel to it.
Gladiator Two-Six is a group dedicated to protecting the world from threats not of our own making. Equipped with the most advanced gear ever created, and designed to save humanity from the brink of potential extinction, we are introduced to several members of the team throughout the story. Piecing together pieces of the puzzle we know there is a potentially “alien” threat heading for earth, and no one understanding what needs to be done to stop them.
Enter an off the books venture, rnu by a coked out doctor, and sponsored by the secret branch of military that no one questions, and we get Gladiator Two-Six.
Will they be enough, or are we just delaying the inevitable? Read along to find out!
What I Liked
  • I enjoyed the beautiful artwork, and how it really used muted colors to tell a colorful tale.  I enjoyed the character design, the immaculate proportions, and the continuity displayed among the artwork was absolute top notch.
  • The originality of the story was a good piece to add. While we’ve all read a hundred “save the world from Aliens” stories, this one did feel different, in an enjoyable way.
What I Didn’t Like
  • This could just be me, and don’t let this deter you from trying the title, but I felt they tried to overanalyze, and overcompensate a lot of the dialogue in the comics premiere issue. There is almost no character development, and the pieces of the story they do get to can sometimes come off convoluted, and missing key pieces to make me emotionally invest in the character and the story.
Final Thoughts
I enjoyed this title visually, and liked the writing. I wouldn’t say this is one of my favorite comics this year, but I would absolutely say it is worth giving a shot. Honestly, maybe you have a better shot than me with understanding all of the scientific terminology used.
The actual design of the characters was pretty kick-ass though, so it more than makes up for it.
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