THIS JUST IN! – Prodigy – Image Comics

Title : Prodigy

Publisher : Image Comics

Writer(s) : Mark Millar

Artist(s) : Rafael Albuquerque, Marcelo Maiolo, and Peter Doherty

Cover Artist : Main – Rafael Albuquerque / Variants – John Cassady

Thoughts On Cover

The blank stare of a man wondering where it all went wrong. So much said in such little space, with such basic lettering added to the muted color scheme of this one, it simply is a cover that relied on emotion instead of over the top creative energy.

It is clean, eye catching, and gives me just enough to want to read on and see what cause what I assume to be our protagonist the worry seen throughout his face.


Edison Crane is the kind of man that we all wish we could be, but fear what would happen if we were. One of the smartest men in the world, and well versed in a thousand topics, he’s always trying to move on to the next challenge, especially when it is something he has difficulty solving.

Edison has the ability to simply look at a problem, and his mind is able to come up with a solution, or learn everything there is to know. Anything from martial arts, chess, rocket science, and even being only ten while doing open heart surgery, he struggles to find anything that gives him pause.

That is until unknown vehicles begin appearing out of what seems to be thin air, containing dozens of animals in cages, all burned to a crisp. What’s to come will leave Edison with his hands full, and the world on the brink of extinction.

What Stands Out

The artwork is absolutely astounding, as it always is with Rafael Alburquerque. From the design of the background art, to the main characters being so clean and unique from one another, everything seems to fall into place perfectly.

Combining that with the style of a Mark Millar hook, and you know you are in for a wildly intriguing ride full of action, good plot, and a story that will stay with you.

The concept, while use similarly, is a unique take on the man who can do everything. I appreciate the way Edison accepts any challenge before him, even performing death defying stunts that random students ask him too, all in the name of proving he can. It leaves amazing possibilities open for the character to learn his own flaw is his inability to see a flaw.

Final Thoughts

Always a fan of Mark Millar, I was very happy with this title as well. Action packed, intriguing enough to want to keep going, and more than that having the team that is working on this title gives me goosebumps.

I wouldn’t advise missing this one guys and gals, it is sure to be an amazing ride.


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