THIS JUST IN! – Martian Manhunter – DC Comics

Title : Martian Manhunter

Publisher : DC Comics

Writer(s) : Steve Orlando

Artist(s) :  Riley Rossmo, Ivan Plascencia, and Deron Bennett

Cover Artist : Riley Rossmo / Variant : Joshua Middleton

Thoughts On Cover

J’onn J’onnz is a menacing figure to be certain, and one of the most easily recognizable “heroes” in the DC universe, so playing on that and adding the badge for good measure, we know that J’onn is back to try and redeem himself, even if he doesn’t deserve it.

The cover is bright, dirty, and a little twisted, with a very spray tagged feel to it. It matches the dark side of Martian Manhunter, while giving us insight into the internal struggle he is having.


J’onn was a ruthless law man on mars, and was given a second chance when his entire race was destroyed. One he absolutely did not deserve, but he actually tries to do the right thing with it. That is, until a single case messes everything up bringing a long lost piece of mars back into the forefront.

J’onn has a run in with a force that flashes him back into his past, breaking a lot of memories of something called fright foam, a fight to kill ring he was running to launder money, but more importantly, his family. This gives us an amazing outlook on his past, knowing that we want to see what he will do with his future.

Mixing that with trying to keep his cover, and not letting the people of Earth see the true person behind the mask, will make for an entertaining story.

What Stands Out

I love the style of artwork contained inside the book, as it is a bit over the top, and very rough around the edges, which works well with a story about a man from mars. The random, overly creepy, alien sex scene was a bit disturbing to witness, but it made a difference to make the perfect example of the style they are going for.

I’ve always been a fan of Steve Orlando, and while I do enjoy his writing in this one as well, I did find it a bit dry at times. That being said, it still kept my attention.

Final Thoughts

I’ve never read much of Martian Manhunter, but I enjoyed this title. It is more of an introduction to the story behind the hero for some, which will meld really well if you are trying to get a glimpse of where he came from.

This maxi-series will contain a total of 12 issues, which is perfect for any collector, as you can easily toss this one onto your plate knowing there is already a planned ending. I personally appreciate there being a plan, as it shows they know where they want to go, and I assume have planned the road to get there.


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