Title : SHAZAM!

Publisher : DC Comics

Writer(s) : Geoff Johns

Artist(s) : Dale Eaglesham, and Mayo “SEN” Naito

Cover Artist : Dale Eaglesham / Variant – Gary Frank

Thoughts On Cover

Shazam is known for being more light hearted in the comic world, and for his childlike take on the DC universe, which is there because he is literally a child. The cover perfectly outlines the entire story of Shazam. Body of a God, mind of someone still in school, surrounded by everything from spitballs to Kick Me signs.

Extremely clean in design, with a bright flair to it, I really enjoyed the work of Eaglesham on this one. It popped off the shelf, and was clear as day with the title. As always, bold and beautiful.


Billy Batson was called on by the last remaining wizard in the Council of Eternity who had vowed to protect all magic from those who would use it for the wrong purposes. The wizard, with his final breath, gave Billy the powers that he contained, knowing that while Billy may come off as a bit of a jackass, he was actually pure of heart.

He gave a child, the powers of basically everything, with no one to show him the proper way to use them. The real question is, would Billy always know the right way to use them, or would he ever fall into the temptation of knowing he could get away with anything he wanted, merely by uttering one simple phrase?

Nah, just messing with you. They would never turn Billy Batson into some evil generic villain. He is always coming up with ways to do the right thing in flashy ways, and his main feature is his ability to keep us laughing while we watch him beat the snot out of those who would do wrong.

Well, they probably didn’t plan on Billy finding a way to turn all of the other foster kids in his home into alternate Shazam like characters, creating the Lightning League to protect the city of Philadelphia.

What Stands Out

The writing is absolutely spot on for Shazam, full of little jokes, puns, and super light hearted. I absolutely enjoyed the title, and appreciated that they did the revamp including the entirety of the Shazam crew in the inaugural issue.

Combine that and the artwork in this one, and DC knocked it out of the park.

Final Thoughts

I honestly don’t have much, this title needs to be on your shelf in pieces after reading it over and over again. While the issue is short, it isn’t missing anything from action, emotion, and little twists interesting enough to keep you coming back for more. All in all, one of the more solid titles I’ve read from DC in recent years.


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