THIS JUST IN! – Captain Marvel – Marvel Comics

Title : Captain Marvel

Publisher : Marvel Comics

Writer(s) :  Kelly Thompson

Artist(s) : Carmen Carnero, Tamra Bonvillain, and VC’s Clayton Cowles

Cover Artist : Amanda Conner

Thoughts On Cover

The overall feeling for the initial view of this was one of past glory. Showcasing the evolution of the character on a cover is not always an easy thing to pull off, especially making it eye catching as I feel Amanda Conner managed quite well. Her unique style, the perfect layout, and the overall positive feeling you get from a bright cover is something this comic series needed to launch into the new series.

I feel the overall style felt very uplifting, but more than that it was completely eye catching, even to someone who may have previously just walked by.


We pick up a year after Carol Danvers left the Avenger’s and Alpha Flight to care for her ailing brother. With him on the mend, and her mother recently assassinated by a Kree agent, Carol is ready to get back into the action, and shut down the Kree invasion once and for all.

She quickly reconnects with some old colleagues (some not be her own choice) and decides to help out a young mutant prodigy by the name of Hazmat. I assure you, the powers you are debating for her are as accurate as the name. Her journey for self discovery, bringing down the Kree, and assisting a young girl who cannot control her powers, will be one that will test her completely.

The real question is whether or not Captain Marvel will be able to handle the coming war will be answered throughout this series.

What Stands Out

The art work is some of the best I’ve seen as it mixes a good amount of realistic styling with just enough comic twist to fit in with the Marvel world. Captain Marvel was not a character I am overly familiar with, as I haven’t followed much of her story by way of comics, but I can say I will be following this series until the end.

The writing was captivating, it introduced the relationships, attitudes of each character, and added an amazing ambience for an initial issue, without the need to spoon food the introduction to an already established character to the world. At no point did I feel lost, or that I was missing any key plot details.

Final Thoughts

I am impressed with this initial issue, and while it did not blow my socks off by any means, I am really looking forward to what is coming in this one, knowing the twists, turns, and overall theme seems light hearted. That being said, I know Marvel is also amazing at tossing in enough cliff hangars to keep the reader guessing, and begging, for more.


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