THIS JUST IN! – Criminal – Image Comics

Title : Criminal

Publisher : Image Comics

Writer(s) : Ed Brubaker

Artist(s) : Jacob Phillips, and Sean Phillips

Cover Artist : Jacob Phillips, and Sean Phillips

Thoughts On Cover

Bright, pointed, and gives us a real feeling for the style of story we should expect inside the pages. I will say, the only thing that kept playing through my mind when looking at this cover was a slightly more geriatric Clint Eastwood, still busting heads, even if he needs a walker to get around.

The cover is cleanly laid out, not needing to go over the top, and giving us our initial meeting with an aggressive Mack the Monster, who becomes a character you can’t help but rooting for.


Ricky Lawless makes one of the biggest mistakes you can in this life, and messes with the wrong man for what he considers the right reasons. Trying to get the money to bail his father Teeg out of jail and not for the first time, he decides to rob a man of a traditionally expensive diamond necklace. It almost comes off similar to John Wick, only the world quickly closes in around Teeg.

Teeg realizes what was done within a few moments of getting let out of jail, and immediately goes on the defensive of trying to fix what his son managed to break. The issue is when you step on the wrong toes, it takes a lot more than a simple apology and a smile to fix it. It takes hard work, a few tears, and a lot of illegal activity. The problem is commiting most large crimes doesn’t mean you’ve taken your foot off of the other toes, it means you’re just moving them to a third set.

What Stands Out

The writing is absolutely spectacular, bringing you into the mindset of a man on the edge, working through his last possible chance to try and not come out behind. Messing up his son, bringing the mob into the fold, and adding enough minor twists to show us the true emotion of each character, you get a classic Brubaker story.

The art work is dirty yet perfect, introducing an amazing story of color when there should be, dark memories revealed at the right times, and mixing up styles and schemes every few pages, keeping the comic really interesting the entirety of the time spent reading it.

Final Thoughts

If you enjoy crime dramas, or thrillers, this comic will be a fun ride for you. I would imagine most comic fans would enjoy most of Ed Brubaker’s work, but more importantly this comic will keep you reading.

You also get the best bang for your buck, as their initial issue is a double issue, so you get an amazing amount of comic to give us all we need for the future of the series.


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