THIS JUST IN! – Oliver – Image Comics

Title : Oliver

Publisher : Image Comics

Writer(s) : Gary Whitta

Artist(s) : Darick Robertson, Diego Rodriguez, and Simon Bowland

Cover Artist : Darick Robertson

Thoughts On Cover

A bright and colorful notion of hope in what seems to be a broken world. That’s what Robertson gives us on the front of Oliver. Clean, crisp art work, with a purpose of eliciting emotion before the reader has even opened the book.

I appreciate the stylistic choice of art style, with a gritty backdrop of some industrialised city, home to what one would assume is a large population of factory style families. I could clearly tell I was in for a good story just from the decisions made.


Oliver is born into a world torn apart by war, crushing upon itself through strict regulations against children, against those different than the status quo, but more than anything, a world that wanted him dead before he took his first breath.

Our initial introduction to this world is one of questioning art. It took me a few pages to realize that the men we meet are designed the same because they are actually identical save for a few outstanding characteristics. Missing eyes, cuts, bruises, but they’ve all been bred to look identical, act similar, and all wear the same forgotten war uniforms based on a world where they are no longer accepted.

Falling further down the rabbit hole, we are given the answers to a few burning questions, but kept just enough in the dark to want so much more.

What Stands Out

The writing is a unique mixture of stories we’ve heard before and a few things that I’ve never read myself. It brings a unique perspective on the way humanity deals with our problems, while showing us a lighter side of what comes next.

More than anything else though, the art work completely matched the style of story. Every gritty detail was immaculately done, and I was intrigued in every panel I read. This is an example of a perfect pairing between art and story, driving each to do better. If this was a short story it would work, and even without the story behind it the art drives a narrative which would survive alone. To me, that is something that shows the depth of design.

Final Thoughts

While this may not be the most amazing initial release I’ve ever read, I would say the story and art work worked cohesively. It is a comic I thoroughly enjoyed, and I absolutely look forward to continuing this story through its entire run.

I have instantly become a fan of both Oliver and the decisions made on character flaws revealed, and those kept secret. This is one instance I am literally at a loss for what to expect in the future, but I can’t wait to find out.


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