THIS JUST IN! – Naomi – DC Comics

Title : Naomi

Publisher : DC Comics

Writer(s) : Brian Michael Bendis and David F. Walker

Artist(s) : Jamal Campbell and Josh Reed

Cover Artist : Jamal Campbell

Thoughts On Cover

The cover is done in a very light hearted style, showing the character in her world. High school student, obsessed with the wonderfully “hunky” Superman, having his pictures all through her locker. We’re also given the hint that Naomi may have figured out the secret identity of our Man of Steel, which shows us the deductive skills she possesses.

Finally we of course get that unforgettable DC Comic art style, with the immaculate line work, amazing color palette, and completely well thought out layout for the art. Honestly, I would expect nothing less from one of the top dog comic companies.

My only critique, which may just be personal, is the lack of a unique style or design. It immediately screams “it’s been done” to me, which is no fault to the art, and more to the semi-boring design.


Naomi has an obsession, and that obsession is the man in blue and red. The story starts with Superman making a 17 second appearance in her hometown during his battle with one of the villains he’s always trading punches with. Naomi is devastated she was not present for the event, but more devastated when she finds out Superman came back to help clean up, but again she missed the chance meeting.

Through her psychologist Naomi begins to learn one of the reasons for her obsession may be connected to the fact that they are both orphans, although her journey has been a completely different one. It is a way for her to relate to a man the world seems to revere.

Apparently we find out the town has a secret, a seemingly dark one that noone talks about. Something that will make Naomi understand a lot about her past. Something an entire town has decided should never be revealed.

What Stands Out

I really love the character, and the design of her small American town. I appreciate the cliche characters, the backwoods feel of their entire situation,  but the modernization being used for a town that exists while all the major metropolises are being destroyed through villainy and super-hero standoffs.

Also, I am a huge fan of having a character that has the deductive reasoning of a young Bruce Wayne, the persistence of Superman, and the general curiosity of Catwoman. Naomi seems like a character I will love throughout the entirety of this series.

Final Thoughts

An amazing build up for an initial release, and as usual DC did a good job bringing together the story behind the story. Seeing what happens after superheroes have already finished the job.


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