THIS JUST IN! – Avengers : No Road Home (1 of 10)- Marvel Comics

Title : Avengers : No Road Home

Publisher : Marvel Comics

Writer(s) : Mark Waid, Al Ewing, and Jim Zub

Artist(s) : Paco Medina, Juan Vlasco, Jesus Aburtov, and VC’s Cory Petit

Cover Artist : Yasmine Putri

Thoughts On Cover

When you think of a cover that tells an entire story, you come up with the cover done by Yasmine Putri. A mixture of brilliant line work, amazing detail, and emotions all throughout, I was thoroughly impressed with the thought behind this one.

Putri made a unique style of design which gives us a brief look at the breakdown of the current Avenger team, all in various states of shock, awe, and despair, eliciting a feeling of dread for what is coming inside these pages. It gave me a want to immediately jump in.


The Avengers have fought some of the worst villains across the Marvel universe, and while they’ve had to sacrifice members, some have left for other things, there is always a slew of heroes waiting in the wings to be part of the greatest team in comics.

When the darkness came, it brought together a slew of Earth’s mightiest heroes once again, but would they be enough?  The universe bathed in darkness, and it came from the demise of some of the universe’s greatest known Gods. Hercules, now a member of the Avenger’s, is the first to be brought before what was once Olympus. Hordes of dead lay all over the once great oasis, and those who fought for Earth on many occasions were no more.

Something powerful was needed to commit an act so destructive, but what lies ahead for our heroes will challenge their very faith in one another. What is coming will surely be the end for some.

What Stands Out

The dramatics were perfectly laid out, adding a sense that our heroes may not actually be able to overcome the challenge. We’ve gotten so used to comics showing us that Heroes will almost always win that it felt good to see a sense of urgency through the writing.

The artwork, as always with Marvel, it stunning. The colors are vibrant, and the layouts tell the story all on their own. The team assembled for the comic was perfect, and for that I am happy. While I am slightly biased with my opinions of heroes I’ve always loved, I mean it when I say I loved this story.

Final Thoughts

This is a definite for fans of The Avengers, Marvel, or those who just enjoy a good end of the universe scenario. It is hard to tell a story unlike those we read all the time, but for the most part that is exactly what we get within these pages.

If you’ve ever liked characters like Hawkeye, Hercules, or Rocket Racoon, you need this title.


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