THIS JUST IN! – Savage Sword of Conan – Marvel Comics

Title : Savage Sword of Conan

Publisher : Marvel Comics

Writer(s) : Gerry Duggan

Artist(s) : Ron Garney, Richard Isanove, and VC’s Travis Lanham

Cover Artist : Alex Ross

Thoughts On Cover

When you think of Conan, most either think of the old movie series with the great Arnold Schwarzenegger, or the completely failed attempt at an online multiplayer RPG. What I think of is the long history of the comics, rich in violence, and always touching on the mystical.

Alex Ross nailed the essence of Conan that us comic book enthusiasts are used to seeing. Rough, willing to fight tooth and nail, and running his way through hordes of the nastiest creatures one can even imagine coming up with. The style matches the older comics that we’ve grown to love, and I was pleased to see the tone used on such a dynamic cover.


Trapped upon a slave ship known as Ouroboros, Conan is the lone survivor of a long standing battle at sea between his people, and a slew of pirates who want anything they can take that isn’t nailed down.  As always with Conan, when I say trapped, it means many things. Such is the fact that it was not Conan who was trapped with the pirates, but them who would regret the day they met the strongest of all Barbarians.

Lots of mindless violence, many dead, and an enemy we recognize quickly done away with. Conan is once again on a journey that will end in either great reward, or great betrayal. Either way, our hero will face the fear head on. Never will he back down, which is the reason we keep going.

What Stands Out

The writing marched exactly to the style I had been accustomed to with Conan. Well developed, good brooding heroism, and a man who is out for no one other than himself. Conan is one of the only heroes we’ve come to love regardless of his tactics, and most of the time those lead to a hundred dead, for a single goal.

The artwork was amazingly detailed considering the style was an older style. It mirrored a lot of what we’ve seen with Conan in the past, while taking liberties where it needed to in order to modernize itself a bit. All in all a solid team working on a solid comic.

Final Thoughts

I loved this one, and look forward to continuing it. I am impressed with how it feels refreshing even though we are using a character who has been around for as long as I can remember. Bringing back the life of Conan that a lot of the other attempts recently failed to do within modern media.

All in all I was very impressed, and looking to the future of the comic, hoping it continues with its mindless brutality for years to come!


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