THIS JUST IN! -Padme Amidala – Marvel Comics

Title : Padme Amidala

Publisher : Marvel Comics

Writer(s) : Jody Houser

Artist(s) : Cory Smith, Wilton Santos, Walden Wong, Marc Deering, Java Tartaglia, and VC’s Travis Lanham

Cover Artist : Paolo Rivera

Thoughts On Cover

Basic, straight forward, and full of the intensity we are used to from Star Wars. The series of comics that have been coming out recently showcase the ins and outs of characters that we’ve come to know, but don’t always know a lot about.

Paolo Rivera does a great job of creating a clean design, and something that will stand out on a shelf. The title, the layout, and the overall design is eye pleasing.


During the time she was in love with Anakin Skywalker, Senator Amidala was a force of peace, trying to unite as many of the systems as she could against those forces that would see the universe under an iron fist. Breaking all sorts of rules, she understands that sometimes you need to work outside of the normal protocol in order to accomplish the mission, but she tends to get herself into trouble a lot by going a little further than she should.

Our series starts with a mission through enemy territory, unsanctioned of course, and as discreet as possible to try and bring another system over the side of those who believe they are good. With two of her handmaidens, their journey takes them to the planet of Clabron, an advanced civilization that would make a formidable ally in their fight, but one that has resources that would be invaluable to the conflict. Plans don’t often go the way we expect though, especially in this universe.

What Stands Out

The writing is perfectly associated to the universe we’ve come to love, and honestly I am impressed with the badass showcase that we get from Amidala. I am very happy to get to see this side of her, knowing that she was a main character in some of the lesser enjoyed movies, but never really got a chance to showcase her story.

The artwork is beautifully done, as always with a Star Wars title, so I know this will continue to grow the character, and be something we all want to see play out.

Final Thoughts

I will continue following almost all of the star wars titles, hoping that they continue the amazing personality given to each character. I look forward to more strong back stories for characters in the world that the movies skimmed over a bit.

That being said, I did find it a bit rushed, they fit a lot of things into a single issue, but I know that there is usually a massive amount of things going on in all of the star wars books. I will continue regardless, but hope the future of the series will slow it down and allow us to get to know the character more, and the explosions or gun fire a bit less.


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