THIS JUST IN! – The Incredible Hulk : Last Call – Marvel Comics

Title : The Incredible Hulk : Last Call

Publisher : Marvel Comics

Writer(s) : Peter David

Artist(s) : Dale Keown, Mark Farmer, Marc Deering, Walden Wong, Scott Hanna, Peter Steigerwald, John Starr, and VC’s Cory Petit.

Cover Artist : Dale Keown, and Peter Steigerwald

Thoughts On Cover

The Incredible Hulk is a beast noticeable from across the room on any comic shelf. His imposing frame, his dynamic structure, and his fearsome look overall, but Keown and Steigerwald decided to go the basic route, not adding any bells and whistles, and I absolutely appreciate that choice.

Realistically, you do not need to toss in a bunch of fluff with Hulk, just his aggressive form standing front and center is enough to produce a huge impact on the comic shelf.


The story takes place after the death of Betty Banner, leaving Bruce and the Hulk fighting for the same piece of life, with no support in Bruce’s corner any more. Banners internal struggle hits an all time low after losing the love of his life, and struggling to control the emotions that came with it.

Bruce is in a dark place, which he has been many times, but is relying on an old friend to talk him down from his “reliable” source of suicide. He has gone so far as to hire a hitman to take him out if he gives a signal, but wanted one final memory of Betty, and someone who knew her, to try and see if this was the right thing to do.

What Stands Out

The writing not only gives us a few glimpses of the mindless rage that Hulk can have, but also shows us the emotion behind the beast. The love he had for Betty, the blame Bruce gave to himself, and the lengths he would go to in order to stop himself from hurting anyone else.

We get the best of both worlds in the comic, and I love when a story can jump into the complete opposites of a character flawlessly, without losing the overall feeling of the story.

The artwork is clean, crisp, and dynamic. I loved every page, and appreciated the hard work that was clearly put into the comic, with a well thought out layout, decent character design, and an overall feel of a fresh take on a well developed character.

Final Thoughts

I am a fan. I haven’t really kept up with much on The Hulk side, as while I like the character, it’s never been on a pull list of wants. I will be following this one, because it just reads easier, and feels much more open then the usual Hulk stories I’ve become accustomed to.

I personally think this is a must have for hulk fans, and a should have for normal comic fans.


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