THIS JUST IN! – The Sensational Spider-man : Self-Improvement – Marvel Comics

Title : The Sensational Spider-Man : Self-Improvement

Publisher : Marvel Comics

Writer(s) : Peter David, Tom DeFalco, and Ron Frenz

Artist(s) : Rick Leonardi, Victor Dlazaba, Rachelle Rosenberg, Sal Buscema, and Chris Sotomayor

Cover Artist : Mark Bagley, John Dell, and Laura Martin

Thoughts On Cover

Our friendly neighbourhood spider-man, perched along a glass window set on a tall building. The classic half crouched, half ready to pounce pose, with an amazing reflection coming off the building. It is a classic style of pose for the character but pulled off in a miraculous way.

Mixing that with the fan favorite black suit Spider-man, and we’ve got an attention grabbing cover that does more than just call to the reader, it gives us the want to read what’s within.


The first of two stories begins with our web-headed super hero fighting Firebrand, the man who can unleash a torrent of flame strong enough to melt through the suit and give Peter Parker third degree burns over most of his body as he shielded a woman from the incoming flame.

Thankfully The Human Torch was there to prevent a much worse outcome, although as Peter Parker passed out Johnny brought him to Fantastic Fours’ Tower to help his healing process and probably save him from a lifetime of pain and suffering. What ensues is a short story with a fun plot that plays through a range of emotions quickly.

The second story is a bit of a what if. It shows the world of what could have happened if Uncle Ben died with Peter not having the powers to stop his killer. Would he have turned to a more direct method, or would he have been too scared to fight back? The teen in question also named Peter, watched his uncle Pete die in his arms after a shootout for no reason.

What Stands Out

The artwork, the writing and the design of the entire comic is what we would expect, and want from a Spider-man comic. I am very impressed with the two smaller story’s and really look forward to this style of storytelling in the future. It allows us to get a bunch of smaller, more direct stories, allowing us to see many designs, and many characters developed that we may not see otherwise.

Final Thoughts

Spider-man is one of the comics I have always loved, and in this case I also love the format of the comic. I feel it is a refreshing way to showcase lower known villains, and tie ins for our favorite Wed Shooting hero.

Overall, this comic will do well among all the fanboys we have in our Marvel fandom. Worth a look, and an awesome read.


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