FFG Organized Play – Store Championships UPDATE WITH RULES!


For those of you into the FFG LCG and X-Wing games, do we have a treat for you! Between Feb. 22nd and March 15th, we’ll be hosting various store championships!

All the events will be on a Saturday, staring at 12pm. Registration is between 10am and 11:45am! For those of you who haven’t been to the store before, parking is available on the right side of the building (opposite side from our entrance).

The only exeption will be for Star Wars. We’ll be doing back to back events. LCG at 11am, XWing at 4pm.

Entry for each event will be $10. This will go towards the prize packs from FFG + prizes provided by the store in Store Credit.

The dates and links for information on each event will be provided below!

February 22nd – Netrunner LCG Championships

–Tournament Rules

March 8th – Stars LCG Championships (11am)

–Tournament Rules

March 8th – Star Wars X-Wing Championships (4pm)

–Tournament Rules

–Deck Sheet

March 15th – A Game of Thrones LCG Championships

–Tournament Rules

If you have any questions, please contact us or check out the Maritime LCG Hub for any game related questions!

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