THIS JUST IN! (Returns) – Guardians of the Galaxy

TITLE : Guardians of the Galaxy : Then it’s us

PUBLISHER : Marvel Comics

WRITER(S) : Al Ewing

ARTIST(S) : Federico Blee, Juann Cabal, and Cory Petit.

COVER ARTIST(S) : Juann Cabal, Dean White, Mike McKone, Ron Lim (To name a few variant artis as well)


An opening that showcases the basis of what we want with two of the most famous returning characters to the Guardians of the Galaxy returning. Starlord and Rocket Racoon are laid out pinup style, letting us now we will still be given some of the old mixing in with the new.

Color scheme was great, and the overall thought behind the cover worked well. My only complaint is it wouldn’t stand out well on a shelf surrounded by dozens of other comics.


 The guardians are living life as normal as they can enjoying a barbecue, and some quality time as a team, which we all know from reading comics cannot go uninterrupted Nova shows up to recruit the guardians for an important mission taking them off world, and potentially allowing them to save a civilization that seems to be disintegrating in power.

The olympic Gods from Earth have woken from their slumber with some sort of chip on their shoulder, and no forgiveness in their hearts, causing chaos and destruction wherever they turn up, so pitting this group of renegade misfits against them seems like the best idea at the time.

Gamora, for the first time wants rest, and wants to turn down the offer, but that doesn’t stop Peter and Rocket from heading out alone, the only two who know they aren’t going to live forever, so may as well make a name for themselves while they do. What comes next is a team up with the Nova Corps, and an amazingly well thought out battle for the future.


 The overall art and writing are on point, especially for a comic with a few dozen heroes coming into play all at once. There is enough to showcase each new body and their abilities without spoon feeding it to us and dragging it on. I am very impressed with the ability in writing to move forward at a quick pace, but making it just right for me to keep following and enjoying. I would say this is more of a Nova Corps comic then a Guardians comic, but either way I was very happy to see the end result.

This is a good book to pick up if you are a fan of story mixed with a decent amount of action. I was very happy with the overall outcome.


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