THIS JUST IN! – Amazing Spider-Man : Daily Bugle

TITLE : Amazing Spider-Man : Daily Bugle

PUBLISHER : Marvel Comics

WRITER(S) : Mat Johnson

ARTIST(S) : Mack Chater, Francesco Mobili, and Scott Hanna

COVER ARTIST(S) : Mark Bagley


 An action shot of the Spider-Man with key characters from the daily bugle in attendance is a great way to showcase this one. I was impressed with the busy layout still being easy to read, but more than that was the ability to show such a dynamic shot without taking away from the title.

Everything seems to fit on this one, and I am honestly impressed with this cover, considering the dark tones used in a comic which usually is light and fresh.


 Joseph Robertson, the new Editor in Chief of the Daily Bugle is not having what one would call a good day. Tired of the way the Bugle has always focused on the greasy side of news, he wants to switch the whole idea up and work towards real investigative journalism, which means one significant change. With Kingpin the Mayor in a town riddled with lies and deceit, they want to become the news of truth for the people.

With the Bugle changing focus, our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man can work without the fear of constant bombardment to know everything about him, and focus on the real issues with the city. Things from poisoning the duck pond, to the root of the issues they’ve all been having. What does this mean for the relationship between Peter and the Bugle? Stay tuned to find out.



 I was impressed with their ability to create a new take on an old story. The Bugle has been around forever, and as long as I can remember they’ve done nothing but focus on the things you’d see in the enquirer about aliens, mutants, and most of all Spider-Man. With such a change in dynamic for them, it allows a completely new feel to something you were so used to.

Add that to a slew of new characters, and our usual Spider-Man style of crime fighting, and I completely enjoyed the first in this series. This will be a short series only releasing five issues, so committing to it won’t break the bank, and will bring a new perspective on the detective style of Peter Parker. If you’ve ever been a fan of Spider-Man before, I would almost guarantee this as a must read.


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