THIS JUST IN! – Ravencroft

TITLE : Ravencroft

PUBLISHER : Marvel Comics

WRITER(S) : Frank Tieri

ARTIST(S) : Angel Unzueta, Rachelle Rosenberg, Dono Sanchez-Almara, and VC’s Joe Sabino

COVER ARTIST(S) : Kyle Hotz, and Dan Brown


Dark, brooding, and intriguing. The cover is a dreary look into what is to come. I was impressed with layout, color scheme, and the tone of this cover as I have always been a fan of the darker side of comics.

Ravencroft, looks similar to Dracula’s castle from the old Bram Stoker days, and would be something you may see in a copy of Castelvania which is an interesting design aspect since I feel Gothic architecture for an asylum seems fitting for the men and women inside.



 We star with the introduction of Misty Knight, being an integral part of the secret underbelly of evil as of late. Her newest mission bringing her inside the prison of Ravencroft to do some undercover investigation. She hopes to be able to either prove, or disprove, the seedy feel of the place. Being sent in by her new associates, the same ones who dealt with Carnage so recently, she is prepared for anything, or so she thinks.

Working with the inmates, Misty runs support groups, assists in day to day activities, and seems to want to make a difference, but not everyone in the prison is looking for reform. Worse even still is that not everyone working for the prison wants the cons to reform. Only those working from the inside can truly understand what will be coming in the months after her arrival, but Misty can handle herself most of the time.



It is an intriguing way for us to see what comes after these villains are captured or beaten by the good guys. While adding a darker tone to the reference material, it also adds a lot of concern and characters to the mix when Norman Osbourne arrives showing he is also a consultant for the prison.

Misty and Norman, with such a sordid past, do not work well together, and I have a strong intuition that if anyone in the prison is trying to start some sort of prisoner self destruction team, it will be Osbourne. Without revealing too much, I know his mere presence is never a good thing when it comes to other villains. He always wants to be in charge, and never seems to take no for an answer.



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