One Night Ultimate Werewolf – review by David Weinberg

I got a chance to play a significant amount of “One Night Ultimate Werewolf”  over the weekend at a couple of party settings and I have to say, it was a big hit.  This game is fun, light, and very quick.  Perfect for a party or to introduce your non-gamer friends to the world of table-top games.  It plays 3-10 which make it great for larger groups, and has a great android app that makes this one of the best werewolf experiences out there.

ONUW started as a Kickstarter project, but has now become extremely popular, and for good reason.  It takes the concept of werewolf and simplifies it; making it quick, easy, and very entertaining.  The one main complaint with most versions of werewolf is that you need a good moderator.  In this version that requirement has been removed from the equation, and replaced with a great app available for free on the android market.

The app really makes this version of werewolf easy and amazingly quick.  It announces the instructions for the players, and then gives you a countdown timer to decide who lives and who gets shot with a silver bullet.  If the players vote to shoot a werewolf, the villagers win.  If a villager is shot the werewolves win (assuming someone is a werewolf).

At the start of the game, each player is dealt a role card and they look at it.   Three role cards are placed in the middle of the table and are unknown to the players.  Then you start the app, which tells all the players to close their eyes, and then gives the instructions for each of the roles.  For instance, “werewolves open your eyes and look for other werewolves…”  Once all of the actions have been performed, players then vote for who they want to shoot.  Werewolves will try to convince the players they are other roles, while the villagers attempt to discern who is lying.  Once the discussion is over, players vote to see who gets the bullet.

I played most of the games with 5 players.  This sets the deck of roles up as follows: 3 villagers, 1 seer, 2 werewolves, 1 troublemaker, and 1 robber.   The game quickly turns into a hilarious conflict of lies, accusations, and mistrust.   I have to say, the experience has shocked me into how amazingly well some people can lie, in particular my wife.

As an example of game-play, during one of the rounds my wife was given the role card of the robber (this card allows you to swap someone’s card with yours and then look at the card you stole).  She took the card from the player adjacent to her, which happened to be a werewolf.  Once the app was done she then declared  “Someone has moved my card, I was originally the werewolf, but someone has obviously switched my card, as it is no longer where it was when the turn began!!!”  She managed to convince the entire table of this, and of course the player next to her went along with it because he thought he was the werewolf.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when she turned over her card and she was in-fact the werewolf.  She played us all!  I am now very disturbed by how well she lies.

Marital trust issues aside, I highly recommend picking this game up and downloading the android app that goes with it.  It’s a great game and the components are really well made.  The fact that the app is free is a huge bonus.  I do wish the game came with a play mat to place the cards on as it would help in keeping them all within reach for the player, but that is a minor issue.

Two thumbs up from this guy as well as the groups of people I played it with.  Now I have to go get some paternity tests done, and make sure these kids are really mine.

Keep rolling those dice and hopefully I’ll keep writing reviews if you find them helpful.


Article submitted by David Weinberg

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