Welcome everyone, here is my first video series for the Comic Hunter.  It took us a little while to get the video content rolling but I felt that these videos had enough interesting game play and funny moments to warrant an upload. These matches will be played with Esper Control, a deck that I had great success with in the previous season. I won New-Brunswick Provincials and top 4ed the end of year Maritime Magic tournament piloting a version of this deck (Although you would never believe me if you only watched these matches). Enjoy!


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  1. Jeff Milton

    I really like these videos. I’m glad that your doing these videos. The punts are funny and I’m glad to hear your comments about the different matchups. Do you think a deck like this would do well now that born of the gods is released? If so, how would you change it to adapt to the new meta? Do you think Brimaz would work better in fiendslayer paladins slot?

    Oh and I’m sure the punts get less frequent the more you do these. Keep it up!

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