Outside the Box – Jace vs. Vraska preview


Hello all and welcome to Outside the box. Today I’m going to be discussing the cards within the new pre-constructed decks Jace Vs. Vraska and why you might be interested in getting yourself one. First and foremost lets look at what’s actually inside the decks:


1  Dread Statuary
2  Halimar Depths
21  Island

24 lands

1  Aeon Chronicler
1  Æther Adept
1  Æther Figment
1  Archaeomancer
1  Body Double
1  Chronomaton
1  Crosstown Courier
1  Dream Stalker
1  Errant Ephemeron
1  Jace’s Mindseeker
1  Jace’s Phantasm
2  Krovikan Mist
1  Leyline Phantom
1  Merfolk Wayfinder
1  Phantasmal Bear
1  Phantasmal Dragon
1  Riftwing Cloudskate
1  Sea Gate Oracle
1  Stealer of Secrets

20 creatures

1  Agoraphobia
1  Claustrophobia
1  Control Magic
1  Future Sight
1  Griptide
1  Into the Roil
1  Jace’s Ingenuity
1  Memory Lapse
1  Prohibit
1  Ray of Command
1  Remand
1  Spelltwine
1  Summoner’s Bane
2  Thought Scour

15 other spells

1  Jace, Architect of Thought


9  Forest
1  Golgari Guildgate
1  Rogue’s Passage
11  Swamp
2  Tainted Wood

24 lands

1  Acidic Slime
1  Corpse Traders
1  Death-Hood Cobra
1  Drooling Groodion
1  Festerhide Boar
2  Gatecreeper Vine
1  Highway Robber
1  Mold Shambler
1  Nekrataal
1  Ohran Viper
1  Oran-Rief Recluse
1  Pulse Tracker
1  Putrid Leech
1  Reaper of the Wilds
1  River Boa
1  Sadistic Augermage
1  Shadow Alley Denizen
1  Slate Street Ruffian
1  Spawnwrithe
1  Stonefare Crocodile
1  Tavern Swindler
1  Vinelasher Kudzu
1  Wight of Precinct Six

24 creatures

1  Consume Strength
1  Grisly Spectacle
1  Hypnotic Cloud
1  Last Kiss
1  Marsh Casualties
1  Night’s Whisper
1  Stab Wound
2  Tragic Slip
1  Treasured Find
1  Underworld Connections

11 other spells

1  Vraska the Unseen

So looking at what you get from both decklists, the more interesting cards are obviously Jace and Vraska. However the more important card to note for Modern players is Remand. For those looking for one more to finish off their play set or looking to start getting into it, this maybe a great way to find your copies of the coveted counter spell. The new art on Remand also makes it worthwhile trying to get as the old art is definitely lacking compared to this new one.

Another new piece of art that I do like a lot is the new art for Future Sight, a card not overly used these days but is used in certain commander decks, usually to facilitate combos with Sensei’s Divining Top.

To complete the combo one would need to have Helm of Awakening another artifact that makes all spells cost one colourless mana to cast. Now mix these two cards along with the Helm and draw infinite cards.

So there are bits and pieces for a lot of different people in these decks. There is even an Underworld Connections for those who maybe looking for another for standard. Overall if you are looking to grab a few of these cards for Commander or looking to get your hands on the new art, or are in need of Remand then picking up at least one of these is worth your while. And don’t forget how awesome Vraska is right now, she is seeing play in Standard and is definitely playable to Commander, so those of you who don’t yet have your copy of the gorgon Planeswalker here is your chance. So with that there is value in this box set for a lot of people, and I would say you would be hard pressed to be losing money in purchasing one.

Article submitted by Alexander J. Curry

If you would like to send feedback, questions or article ideas please feel free to email Alex at: MTGOutsidethebox@gmail.com

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