Grand Prix Montreal Primer

For those of you who don’t know, this weekend is Grand Prix Montreal, and for those of you who are going I wish you the best of luck and hopefully this will of some help to you.

To start off as all who are going should already know ensure you have registered or intend to be in Montreal before they close up shop tomorrow. So day one is going to be sealed 3 packs of Born of the Gods and 3 Theros packs, and from my experience this format is a very fun one. Now I know that everyone gets absolutely nothing once and a while but for the most part in this format you can build a half decent deck if you are any good at it. That being said some people have mentioned to be that they find they can build a great draft deck but are terrible when it comes to sealed, the problem with sealed is that you can’t always play one style of deck you have to be able to somewhat play all the different deck styles, Control, Midrange, and Agro. You need to be able to be diverse in your play style more so than ever in this kind of a format simply due to the fact that you might get a pool of cards better situated to a control deck, but if you refuse to play control like decks you might try and build something else and in the end build an inadequate deck.

To splash or not to splash a third colour, this very much depends on if you need more bombs or removal and if that bomb or removal only costs you one of that specific mana colour or not. If the answer to the latter question is that it costs more than the one mana of that colour then you better not be splashing for it, now this also changes if you have alot of mana fixing in your deck, as in the GPT in Halifax I played in which I made to the top eight and did very well and just came up short from winning. I played a Bant list in the main sealed event and went 3/2/0 to make it into the top 8, having 2 gods helped a lot but my mana fixing is what ensured I could play all the cards I needed too.

For those of us who make it to day 2 of the event I congratulate you and wish you all the best. The best piece of advice I can offer for the draft is to know the sets as best you can and know what cards are better than others before sitting down to draft.

Good luck to all who are heading down to Montreal for the event, and safe travels. Hope to see you there!

Article submitted by Alexander J. Curry

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