Outside the Box – Post GP Montreal

The Time of a Lifetime

The Journey to and From the Grand Prix Montreal

This being my first GP made day one intense, seeing 1600+ people getting ready to play sealed was just amazing. I would like to send out thanks to Bobby Leblanc, Bobby Bourque, and Nick Bourque and all the Tim Hortons we stopped at for making the trip an excellent one and the drive more bearable. Day one ended up poorly for the four of us as our pools were fairly mediocre and we were hard pressed to be able to go X/2/0 which was needed to progress to Day Two. My pool consisted of tempo removal and a ship breaker Kraken in which I basically needed to get to in order to win. In the end I dropped after round 4 to play in the side events and check out the artists and vendors.

The ability to talk to and get cards signed and art done by the Artists Veronique Meignaud, Eric Deschamps, and Mike Bierek really made the experience that much greater for me. I ended up getting a custom playmat done by Veronique and Eric which turned out beautifully! Getting to watch them draw and then finish the mat was inspiring, and getting to talk to them about their perspective on the art they do for the characters and cards of Magic was an experience of a lifetime.

Art done by Veronique Meignaud, and Eric Deschamps

The vendors definitely had a good assortment of cards, and the venue was a good location, there were places to eat within the building, and plenty of room for everyone.

The four of us decided to play in the standard event after dropping on day one and we all came out on top only to split in the finals of the event. On day two we decided to play in a few win a box events and ended up doing fairly well and coming out ahead, so even though we didn’t make day two of the GP like we all hoped for, we still had a blast and a great time. We wish we would of had more time to stick around for the full Sunday and return Monday as the Sunday Super series would have been fun to participate in which was standard instead of sealed, but alas we had to be back for Monday morning and left mid afternoon on Sunday.

The experience to be a part of the largest GP ever in Canada to date was great even though we didn’t do as well as we would have liked. However this being our first GP only means that this makes us want to strive and do better next time, as well as learn what we can from this experience and be better prepared for our next Grand Prix.

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