Outside the Box – Journey into Nyx Pre-release Primer

It’s that time again when we finally get to open some more new packs and play with the exciting cards in Journey into Nyx! I definitely feel that Journey into Nyx will add a lot more power as well as flavour to both the limited and standard formats. There are very few rares I don’t want to open from this set, as almost all of the rares have potential to be good. Looking at the gods in this set, I feel that they are considerably stronger than the ones we got from Born of the Gods, except for perhaps Pharika, but even she is good if you can get a large devotion count early. As for the rest of the pantheon from Journey into Nyx, I see great things being possible from each of them.

The dictates are also another set of interesting if not powerful cards that could have a great impact when played; I do feel that some of them will be a total blow out once they hit the field. The fact they all have flash, is truly what makes them powerful in my opinion. The best of the dictates from my perspective are Dictate of Heliod and of Erebos, as they don’t give your opponents any upside, and will definitely put your opponent on their heels if they can’t deal with them or the creatures you have on the battlefield.

Looking at the promo’s that we will be getting at the pre-release, I feel white is one of the best, due to its lower casting cost as well as power level. Looking at the number of good enablers being printed in Journey into Nyx I feel Heroic is going to be an even better deck, and targeting Dawnbringer Charioteers, seems like an excellent thing to do, Flying and Lifelink will definitely make the difference. The rest of the promo cards still possess enough power to be good in the limited format, it will just depend on how feasible they all are to cast before being swarmed from the faster more aggressive decks.

Hopefully you are all as excited to open and start playing with the Journey into Nyx cards as I am, and hopefully you will all be able to make it out for the Prerelease events. Good Luck to all and thanks for reading!

Article submitted by Alexander J. Curry

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