“Dungeon Roll” Dice Game Review

Dungeon Roll (by Tasty Minstrel Games) is a dice based game wherein players delve into dangerous dungeons fighting skeletons, goblins and the occasional dragon using a myriad of hired companions.


Components Title

Dungeon Roll comes with 7 Party Dice, 7 Dungeon Dice, 1 Level Die, multiple Hero cards, experience tokens and a slew of diverse treasure tokens.

The dice are beautiful and custom engraved with symbols representing different classes or monsters. Some Dice represent a treasure chest or a potion, but all of them are the highest quality.


The beautiful components really help make this game feel quality. Also, to top it all off the game doesn’t come in a box, it comes in your own personal treasure chest.



Gameplay Title

Dungeon roll can be played with as few as one player and as many players as you are willing to squeeze in (although realistically this number is limited by hero cards, unless you omit them from the game completely for a simpler version)

Play goes clockwise around the table as each player takes three “delves” into the dungeon.

The player rolls all seven party dice and “hires” the corresponding companion classes to traverse the dungeon with them. Each die can be used once before that companion retires back to the village (or the graveyard as the rules put it).


Each room the Dungeon Master (DM) rolls the number of dice corresponding to the room you are currently in. The rooms are 1-10. If you reach room 10 you must stop and return to the village.

Each companion is particularly strong against a certain enemy, using your companions wisely is the secret to beating the dungeon.

Every time a dragon is rolled it is placed aside in the “Dragon’s Lair”. If three dragon heads are rolled then the player must fight the dragon (after killing the monsters they are already facing)  by using up three companions of a different class.

Once the player decided to forgo entering the next room (not believing they can beat it) they return to the village and one of their three delves is over and they collect as many experience points as the room number which they last beat. If the player chooses to continue and dies in a room (runs out of companions), then they lose, return to the village and collect no experience.

After each player has gone three delves, the player with the most experience wins.


Conclusion Title

Dungeon Roll is a beautiful game that’s a hell of a lot of fun to play. It’s easy to pick-up and plays quickly, but I guarantee you’ll enjoy these quick games with friends. Will you play it safe and rest up in the village? Or will you delve deeper into the dungeon’s caverns and slay the dragon?


Do you have Dungeon Roll? Will you be picking it up after reading our review? let us know in the comments below!

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